Descent 9 km

An easy route for everybody from 6 years old, with some fun rapids without difficulties. This way lasts approximately 2h30 without stops. You will find many beaches along the route for your bathing stops. Children (under 12 and according to their size) can go aboard on a 3 places canoe.

A nice route available for families !

An easy route accessible to everyone starting from 6 years old, enjoy some fun rapids that can be taken with ease. This descent lasts approximately 2h30 without stops. Many beaches can be found along the river, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Children (12 and under, also according to the size) can embark on a 3 seater canoe.

Important : all participants have to able to immerse themselves and swim at least 25m.
Canoeing with two kids under 12 years old in the same canoe is strictly forbidden.
Please give us the age of the children and the kind of canoe you want in “Remarks” part.

(12 years old min.)
23€ / person

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