Frequently Asked Questions

  • Kayak supplement: 5 € per person
  • Child under 12 2nd place : 12€
  • Child taking 3rd place: 7€

We accept cheques, bank cards, holiday vouchers, cash.

It is strongly recommended to book your descent in advance. Online booking is available on this site or by phone on 04 67 73 30 73.

It is compulsory to be able to swim at least 25 metres and immerse if necessary. You have to be in good health.

Whatever the season, do not forget to bring food and plenty of water, especially if you are doing a long descent.


  • Wind proof jacket
  • Warm change of clothes (wool)
  • Shoes (trainers, waterproof shoes…)

Possibility to rent wetsuits (adults only). Summer:

  • Swimming costume
  • Shorts and tee-shirt
  • Shoes (trainers or waterproof shoes)
  • Sun cream

Avoid bringing valuables (i.e. jewellery).

Neoprene slippers on sale at the cash desk

Ensure you have plenty of water and food (picnic). The Hérault valley is a classified and protected site, it is strictly forbidden to light fires. Ensure you have a bag to pack your rubbish (a bin is available at the Moulin base).

CAUTION Canoë Le Moulin cannot guarantee the waterproofing of storage cans.

Indeed, it all depends on the use made of it.

For example, sitting on it is a very bad idea.

Above all, a leak can occur due to an incorrect closure (not in the axis, poorly tightened, sand on the silicone seal, etc.)

This is why our kind customers are invited not to carry any valuable items in these containers.

The management of Canoë Le Moulin declines all responsibility in the event that this instruction is not respected.

Children are welcomed providing they are at least 6 years old, are able to swim and can immerse their head under water. Please note the 9 km descent is the only one permitted to children under 12.

They are permitted but never attach them directly to your boat !

You are responsible for your animal, Canoë Le Moulin cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident on the base.

It is strictly forbidden due to the risk of fire.

Yes it is, but you need a fishing permit.

You can actually take the tour by the bridge at Saint-Etienne d’Issenssac (D1), 5km after St.Martin de Londres on your left, just before the neck of the Cardonille. The road is winding but very pretty. Despite appearances, you can drive across the bridge of Saint-Etienne, maximum width allowed is 2m. Head up the Hérault north (towards St. Bauzille de Putois / Brissac) for 2.5 km and you will easily find our base Aubanel-Brissac.

But be aware this road is one way (from the Hérault) during the summer. In June, July and August, you are therefore only possible to leave by this route.

In case of bad weather (persistent rain, temperature below 20 ° Celsius or wind > 60km/h), reservations are canceled or postponed, according to your wishes. Where applicable, the full amount paid will be refunded.